Save Money with an Auto Shipping Professional

By Tom Kearns

Most families are of the two-car variety. Even though in some large cities walking makes more sense than driving, you will probably not be able to walk everywhere you need to go and the public transportation is either nonexistent or is woefully inadequate.

When moving, driving these on your own may prove too much trouble and money, even if initially it may seem like the more convenient thing to do. Auto transport companies are designed to efficiently ship a number of vehicles at once, eliminating the need to drive each of the cars separately, preventing fuel expenses and wear, and providing a certain degree of protection from hostile elements, theft, and vandalism. Carrier companies specialize in shipping any type of civilian vehicle, providing a selection of services to ensure the best accommodation for your property.

If you are not naturally a planner, this is the time you need to change that. You need to make careful preparations based on your circumstances. Figure the cost of driving those vehicles yourself including fuel, wear and tear on the car and you (and quite possibly other drivers in other vehicles) and the cost of food and lodging on the road, especially over long distances. Compare this total with an estimate from a reliable auto shipper and you will undoubtedly hire the carrier.

The cost to you to hire a shipper depends on several factors. Chiefly the cost is made up of the distance to be travelled and the dimensions and weight of the car(s) being transported. For really long distance shipment, the professional carrier is usually the smartest and most economical method to choose.

There are several basic service types offered by standard transport companies. The "economy guide" is the cheapest of these, but the vehicle is only loaded if there is enough space in the carrier, in accordance with previous orders for the service. The more you pay, the greater priority you receive, the more likely you are to be shipped. Only if you are in financial strain or do not care to make sure the vehicle will be shipped should you favor this service.

Open transport is the next cheapest means and is transportation by an open truck, where the car, over long distances, is open to sun and hail. Closed transport is auto transport in a closed carrier which does not allow damage by sun or rain, but which is much more expensive. "Full Service" guarantees timely pick up and door-to-door delivery, but costs still more. Money is partially repaid to the client if service is unsatisfactory. Cost may be further reduced if you minimize the weight of the vehicle by removing any loose objects, tools, even seats, and by leaving the tank near empty. - 30243

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Running A Small Business Inventory Management Plan

By Gregory Covey

Running a small business inventory management plan will not matter very as compared to making solid income, raising funds for expansion and other serious endeavors. It should matter though. If you are not watching your inventory control your profits just might be walking out the door on you!

When you incorporate a good inventory management plan you will see that in order to run a business with reliable income you will need these following guides to help you make it the business world these days.

When you start to think of inventory as cash in transit every day that goes by that your product is not being sold guess what happens to your profit margin? That is right, it is up in smoke! So lets take a look at some key techniques that will get your inventory back on track.

Unless your business sells wine or whiskey it will need quite a bit of maintenance, insurance and interest to keep your inventory in stock. So, it is not always the best choice to keep to much of your inventory in stock. If there is a sudden demand for your product that is consistent with an advertisement or campaign that you are running, then you will have to find a way to quickly have it available.

To run a small business inventory management plan properly you will need to work out an arrangement to extend payment terms with supplers. You could also think about suggesting drop shipments to them. In this way you wouldn't need a lot of inventory and you could just depend on the suppliers to take care of orders that need to be fulfilled. Of course they would have to be reimbursed for the shipping & handling.

There is an old saying "Cash is king", which is always right on in this particular reference. Your terms with your supplier might have you doing a new deal on a longer term basis than you have for your customers. Like if you take 90 days to pay off your product to your suppliers, you would only extend 30 days to the clients. Here you can see the clear advantage.

In order to keep fresh stock, you need to keep it transient. Product should regularly be cleared out with special deals, clever promotions, 2 for 1 sales and the like. Proper software can help you keep careful track of the inventory flow. Clerical error, employee and customer shrinkage and breakage can all be followed through the system with the the correct technologies. This way, you can write off any kinds of losses that your business may experience and it will not be a problem.

Being proactive about your inventory management plan can be the difference between being successful and going out of business. This is one of the main keys to sturdy, sound business practices. Without it it is hard to keep track of where your inventory goes, how fast it will get there or where your business will be in the long-term. By getting control of your small business with inventory management planning you will be able to get control of your profits. Don't let those valuable profits slip through your companies hands again! - 30243

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Brokers & Sales Representatives- What's The Diffs?

By Adriana Noton

Sales representatives or brokers form a large and integral part of many companies, promoting products as well as services into the hands of buyers and thus generating sales for the company. The brokers normally work away from the company whilst sales representatives work from the offices of the company on a full time basis, making use of the resources offered by the company. More info on what's the diffs between Brokers & Sales Representatives.

Brokers are paid on a commission basis as they usually have other income streams as well as that of the company they represent. Brokers generally represent several companies, often in the same industry and sell a wide range of products. Sales representatives are often paid a small basic salary and get commission on sales generated.

Availability of employment opportunities for sales representatives and brokers in places such as associations and Real Estate and earnings potential may change with fluctuating economic conditions.

Sales representatives and brokers form an important part of business for manufacturers and wholesalers and their potential success.

Generating sales leads and closing sales are the two main objectives in the role of a representative or broker.

The process of marketing and selling a something could be extensive, taking from several days to months. A sales representative or broker promotes their product telephonically or in person, explain the features and benefits of their products and answer questions from the prospective customers.

Companies that sell tangible wares such as companies in the food and beverage industry or cosmetic companies or printers that manufacture stationery, use sales representatives. Brokers are used in industries such as the insurance of real estate industries.

Staying current with fluctuating trends in the market and new products in the range, new additional features and keeping up to date with current market trends and customers' needs are essential factors in the job description of a sales representative. Opportunities to do all of that are available through trade shows and new product launches or training seminars, which aim to assist brokers and sales representatives.

Meeting fellow sales representatives, brokers and clients can be done at conferences where new product developments are discussed.

Products of a technical or mechanical nature are often sold by a broker / sales representative as well as a technical person, who amalgamate in order to reel in the sale by means of combined knowledge.

Telesales agents are sales representatives that spend a large portion of their time telephonically selling goods or services, processing orders as well as fulfilling a customer relations role relating to their product or service. This tenacious type of sales representative is generally office based and is responsible for attaining clients by means of "cold calling" people and businesses to make contact for sales. Sometimes they are also expected to make appointments for meetings attended by the outside sales representatives that represent the company.

Outside based sales representatives spend a lot of time traveling to current and prospective clients. They call these meetings 'sales calls', where they discuss needs with the clients and make suggestions, which will benefit the client or analyze how the company's services could meet the client's needs.

Sales representative would leave brochures or samples of their product showing the client how the products will help save money and aid productivity as well as the prices and availability of the products. - 30243

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Auto Shipping: Brokers and Customer Response

By Tom Kearns

You may be interested in a particular company to ship your auto to a distant location and find that they are rather tight about relinquishing certain information, which rightly causes you to be suspicions. Moreover, you are not sure what to ask in order to allay your suspicions. This is why you need the services of a broker. He is able to verify insurance policies, licensing, track records, official documents and records that you can't get at, as well as the company's reputation within the industry and with its customers.

The broker's decision will be made on the company's past performance, whether it has industry longevity or not. The broker will then give you a choice of several companies that have passed this initial test. You will have much better access to information that is pertinent to you so you can make an intelligent decision on which company best suits your needs.

A good place to look for companies and brokers is the much used Besides what the broker might provide, on the site you have access to customer response. The way to appraise customer response is to compare the magnitude of the company's activity (do they ship 10 or 100 cars a month, etc) with number of responses, and the number of responses with the number of negative responses. Often, when a company simply does its job competently enough or even well, a customer may either not appreciate the fine work or just not bother to leave a thank-you comment. But most people are more than ready to complain, especially when their cars are concerned.

As in any industry the company that is of merit will work very hard to satisfy the customer - that is it's livelihood. Some customers will shower praise on a company even though some minor mistakes were committed. This is certainly not rare and is not too meaningful if the overall response is good and there are several good responses noted. And as good customer reviews are not 100% reliable, bad reviews do not mean you should shun the company entirely. The negative responses could come from people who just generally complain about everything all the time, even when fully compensated by the company.

What you don't want to see is a company with a large variety of bad reviews. True, a company may have a weak link, but otherwise be of sterling reliability and reputation. On the flip side, a company that doesn't appear to be doing anything right by its customers is not the one to deal with. They may be badly managed or constantly cash poor or both.

In any case, online responses are only preliminary precautions that you can take without broker services. A broker is more reliable and will procure not just ambiguous customer responses but official records and documents, as well as bring his or her personal professional knowledge and advice. They will save you the headache of bureaucratic procedures and ineffective negotiations. Good brokers take between $100 and $200 for a job, depending on time-frame and magnitude. - 30243

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Attributes Of Purchasing Certified Used Honda Cars

By Adriana Noton

A lot of places sell used Hondas, often thought to be the gold standard among pre-owned cars. Regardless, how do you know that the pre-owned car you're looking at is actually a good deal? You don't, which is why it is strongly recommended you consider Certified Used Honda Cars.

These 'certified' automobiles can be found only at qualified Honda dealers in good standing. Strict guidelines must be adhered to for a used car to be known as certified.

At the very minimum, to be even considered for certification, a Honda must be less than six years old. Or it must have less than 80,000 miles on it. Seven-year-old cars with 50,000 miles are ineligible. Just as five-year-old cars that have 90,000 miles are ineligible.

Continuing, technicians trained by Honda go over and test all major vehicle systems. These technicians are also empowered to refurbish any car component that does not meet Honda's strict standards. If that part cannot be properly refurbished, it is replaced with a genuine part.

Next, a Honda dealer must run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report. At no cost to the buyer, this report is a documented history of the vehicle. It will reveal any incidents reported to the DMV. Such incidences include, but are not limited to, fire, salvage, flood damage, odometer malfunctions, and more.

Honda dealers keep these CARFAX reports and are available to any prospective customer. The report can also be accessed online in many cases.

The final test for becoming certified is the most extensive evaluation. It is the comprehensive 150-point inspection of mechanics and appearance. Before the evaluation is taken, several manuals and kinds of documentation must be provided.

These manuals and documentation include the owner's and new car warranty manuals. There is also a certified warranty booklet, a title history report, and a copy of the (completed) 150-point checklist. A radio security code and, if available, a navigation code are also included.

A detailed look at the Vehicle Identification Number must be undertaken. By looking at the VIN plates and VIN labels, you can determine if and when the car was repaired or recalled. Any expected routine maintenance, according to a factory-determined schedule, is performed. Filters, fluids, tires, and coolants are inspected and replaced. Brakes and all parts of the brake systems are tested and repaired or replaced.

There is a road test, of course. Does the vehicle start easily? Does it idle hot? Is there sufficient acceleration power? Does the vehicle drift or is it hard to steer? Those sounds you hear are normal, or are they a sign or some impending problem?

The car is then given a thorough going-over to find any unauthorized aftermarket modifications. Rims, exhaust systems, headlights, transmissions, and more are gone over with a fine-tooth comb. The overall appearance of both the interior and exterior are part of this evaluation.

If the vehicle passes the exhaustive inspection, it can be made available for the showroom or lot. Anything that fails inspection is replaced or reconditioned. If replacement or reconditioning are not possible, the car fails the evaluation and will not be sold. This is how customers can be confident that Certified Used Honda Cars are in good shape. - 30243

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Why Timeshares Remain A Big Hit

By Danny Ricks

Timeshares are pretty much easy to manage made it more appealing for those who wish to invest on this kind of properties. This is why it is still one of the most preferred kind of investment during these times for many and varied reasons. Best investments and good business even during the worst times brought about by the global recession is how many people view it.

This is among the primary reasons why this kind of investment is still a big hit despite all the financial constrains that has been bugging many lately. Having the chance of being able to have a timeshare exchanged with other resorts is more than enough reason to entice vacationers in particular to buy timeshares. These people know so much the value of not having their outright profit on this kind of investment but enjoying the real cost savings and vacation usage.

This kind of property is really good for those who often take regular vacations every year. Having timeshare these people no longer need to go through the hassles of planning and booking for such a vacation. It ill certainly take away their hassles and worries pertinent to these things.

The moment you buy timeshare, it is tantamount to buying a fixed week vacation each year for as long as you wish. Many find this set up more advantageous especially with the fact that they already know to which resort they shall be enjoying the much awaited vacation each year. Hence, there would surely be no unpleasant surprises or last minute hassles you need to deal with.

Despite the fact that its value is most likely to depreciate with time there are still many who would prefer to have timeshare than any other real property. Most of those who would buy this kind of property love to have it for its flexibility. Most of timeshare owners do not treat them as investment in its real sense.

This is what entices many to have this kind of property. Flexibility is the thing with timeshares. You can have its duration and schedule changed depending on which you wish to spend your yearly vacation with it. You can also have it exchange with other resort whenever you need to.

Another thing that must have been a big factor why timeshares remain a big hit despite the fragile economy is the fact that you can resell it anytime you wish. Although it may not be that easy to resell this property but for certain it can be done. In fact there are many ways to resell your timeshare.

These are just among the many reasons why this kind of property still has a great chunk of the market in its genre. It is indeed worth to ponder whether you need to opt for this kind of real property or not. Regardless of your reasons for having this kind of property it is essential to consider the practicality and comfort when you think of having to have timeshares. - 30243

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Problems and Perspectives in Shipping with Closed Containers

By Tom Kearns

Auto shipping is a newcomer in the business world and is still in the process of development. The first thing most people who own a car think of when they need to relocate is to drive their car toits new destination, no matter how far. But now, they need to rethink - the auto shipping companies are making the transportation of private vehicles safer, more widely available and cheaper for the customer while more profitable for them.

Have you just won your dream car in an auto lottery; bought a car overseas; are you moving to another city? Before the dawn of the auto shipping industry you would have to either give up your dream, give up your car, or drive it (the car, that is, to pursue the dream) all the way yourself, suffering long monotonous (the word itself tediously rides on the wheels of 4 dull o's) hours at wheel, expenses (expected and unexpected), damage (hopefully, mostly to the car) by criminal and natural elements, and, after you have mastered a few foreign-language audio-courses and listened to the entire King James Bible, some bad luck while passing through one of those sleepy American towns which are not what they seem. Now you can spare yourself all this trouble by calling a shipping company.

The French company CMA COM, S.A. declared to the world in early August of 2007 that they had ventured into container shipping, not a bad thing since they are the third largest shipping company in the world. In their announcement they made clear that at least four light vehicles could be loaded into each of their containers. This was made possible by the latest technological advancements which became a breakthrough for the industry. For the first time, shipping could be handled from the factory to the distribution center with complete safety.

Yet, while statistics testify to the increasing popularity of the method, the perspectives of container auto shipping are still not quite clear. The auto shipping industry is distinguished by the high complexity of each shipment, increased risks, and great responsibility. For this reason, large-scale projects are undertaken by large transportation organizations which command sufficient technical and monetary resources to adequately solve any problems which may arise.

Considering the high costs of each vehicle and the fact that even slight damage may incur significant expenses, only qualified specialists can be trusted with the security of the cargo. An operator regularly shipping cars should have a regular team of workers: regular workers are costlier, but show more care when handling expensive cargo.

Without the development of global as well as domestic business, the future for auto transport is limited. Long distance, large scale movement between countries is what container shipping is all about. Should a country be blessed with a network of roads in good condition, they can transport autos the quick, easy and economical way, by open carrier trucks. This method also requires in order to thrive, a large number of car manufacturing companies. If you travel at all, you will have noticed that most countries are hard at work improving their roads, but this can take years and even decades to become a reasonable and safe method of popular transportation.

The more widespread and efficient the means of any business become the more the tendency to adopt the cheapest of the effective options. A lot depends on whether large car manufacturers will be able to transport products straight across borders and into major cities and industrial centers. - 30243

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